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Fortunately, Florida Notary Online processes your Application and submits all of the required fees on your behalf to the state of Florida. The requirements are: (1) submit an Application to the State of Florida; (2) pay the $39 Florida filing fee; (3) obtain a $7,500 Notary Bond; and (4) obtain a Notary Stamp/Seal. Additionally, if the applicant is a first time notary the applicant must complete a three hour notary education course and provide the state with a copy of the course completion.

Florida Notary Online offers a seamless renewal process that allows you to pull your information from your prior notary application, make updates if necessary, and checkout. You will then print out your renewal application, sign and mail it back to us. It is quick and easy as 1-2-3!

A commissioned notary is a state public officer that has been approved by the Governor’s office to perform the following six duties:

  • Administer oaths/affirmations
  • Solemnizing marriage between couples
  • Taking acknowledgements
  • Verifying Vehicle Identification Numbers
  • Verifying the contents of a safety deposit box
  • Verifying the photocopies of various documents

The state of Florida requires that a commissioned notary carry a bond in the amount of $7,500. In the event that a notary fails to administer his or her duty correctly, the notary bond will compensate the individuals harmed as a result. The notary bond protects notaries’ clients.

The notary may then be pursued for all expenses as a result of their negligence. For coverage that ensures you are protected, it is recommended that you purchase E&O Insurance. Please see below.

Note: The Florida Notary Online package includes the bond required for your new and renewal commission. The notary bond is written through RLI Insurance Company – Surety Division.

Florida Notary Online professionals highly recommend coverage known as Errors and Omissions insurance which protects you the notary from negligent acts. This coverage is optional and not required.

Within the scope of the policy terms and language, professional liability (E&O) insurance will protect the commissioned notary from negligence, errors or omissions alleged or committed when acting as an active notary up to the policy limits.

Expense for legal defense is provided to the insured and paid for up to the policy limits even when the claim is fraudulent or groundless against the commissioned notary.

Florida Notary Online offers Errors and Omissions Insurance through RLI Insurance Company – Surety Division.

Note: This is an abbreviated synopsis of the scope of Errors and Omissions insurance. All coverage is subject to the conditions, provisions, and exclusions of the insurance policy provided by RLI Insurance Company – Surety Division.

The required Bond that is part of your Notary Package protects the public. Bonding is different than insurance in that the Bonding Company has a right to be reimbursed for any cost for a claim made against you… even in a claim or suit where you have done nothing wrong. Errors and Omissions Insurance, commonly referred to as E & O Insurance, protects you - the Notary for and against two important exposures:

Legal Liability: A Notary Public E&O liability policy will protect you against claims for any negligent act, error or omission committed or alleged to have been committed when acting in your capacity as a Notary Public, subject to all terms and conditions of the policy including a legal defense.

Legal Defense: E&O liability insurance covers the expense of a legal defense even if the suit is groundless, false, or fraudulent. Legal defense is included in the limit of liability.

All Errors & Omissions policies are underwritten by RLI Insurance Company an A+ rated company for your protection and peace of mind. (Rated "A+" by A.M. Best Company.)

S.B. 1334 of the Florida Legislature states:

"A first time applicant for a notary commission must submit proof that the applicant has, within one year prior to the application, completed at least three hours of interactive or classroom instruction, including electronic notarization, and covering the duties of the notary public. "

If you are a first time notary, you need to register and enroll a three hour notary education course as part of your notary registration. You will receive an email with a link for the course.

After completion of the course, please print and sign your certificate to return with your application materials to our professionals at Florida Notary Online.

Unfortunately, the Florida commission is not transferable. If you are permanently relocating, as an appointed public officer of the State of Florida, you must surrender your commission. Upon your decision to relocate, you should contact of the office of the Governor by letter with your original notary commission certificate asking to resign your commission.

The law requires you to contact the Department of State or the Govenor in writing. Be sure to give us your commission number and date of birth for identification, and tell us the last date that your seal was in your possession.

Florida Notary Online's registration and application process takes three to five minutes. You will mail all of the required documents to our offices and we process them and your notary commission is issued by the state of Florida. The entire process takes two to three weeks for you to receive your Notary Certificate and Notary Stamp/Seal.

F.S. 117.05(9) requires the Notary to request a name change and amended commission within 60 days of the name change by mailing $25 and a notice of change form with the Secretary of State. A rider to the notary bond must accompany the name change.

* +$20 for Shipping & Processing Fee.

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