Step by Step Guide

Learn how to become a Notary with our step by step guide.

Step 1

Verify that you meet the Notary Requirements.

- 18 Years of Age
- Florida Resident
- Have not been convicted of a felony**

Step 2

Register to become a Florida Notary.

Your registration includes the state of Florida filing fees, $7,500 Notary Bond, Notary Stamp/Seal, and Registration for Notary Education course for first time notaries. After registering you will be taken directly to the online Notary Application.

Step 3

Complete the Notary Application.

Florida Notary Online's EZ-App provides you with an electronic version of the state application. Simply fill out the Application, print, sign, and mail to Florida Notary Online.

Step 4

3-Hour Notary Education course for New Notaries only.

If you are a new notary you must complete a three hour notary education course. You will receive an email with a link for the course. Complete the course and print out your Certificate of Completion. You will need to mail a copy of the Certificate of Completion with your Notary Application to Florida Notary Online.

* +$20 for Shipping & Processing Fee.
** Please ensure that you understand the scope of your appointment and if you have any questions about being or becoming a Florida Notary, please visit our FAQ section or contact our professionals at Florida Notary Online.

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