Remote Online Notary FAQs

Remote Online Notarization signers appears before the Notary at the time of the notarization using audio-visual technology over the internet instead of being physically present in the same room. Remote online notarization is also called webcam notarization, online notarization or virtual notarization.

The benefits of being a Remote Online Notary include:

  • All parties experience a faster signing process
  • Signings are more convenient and more efficient
  • Fraud and Risk are reduced with digital identification proofing and credential analysis
  • Paperwork is minimized for all concerned parties
  • You save Time and Money and your clients save Time and Money
  • Electronic signing creates permanent records of your notarizations

Many customers are already utilizing remote technologies. As a Remote Online Notary, you don't need to be in the same room — or even the same state as the signers.

Once you have received your Notary Commission, you must mail the following to the Department of State:

  1. “Application Registration for Online Notary Public” Form (Signed and Notarized)
  2. A copy of your Remote Online Notary 2-hour Course Certificate.
  3. “Online Notary Public: Required Information” Form (Red boxes filled in and Signed) - See below for RON Service providers to consider.
  4. Notary Bond (Signed)
  5. Your RON E&O insurance verification
  6. Notary Commission Certificate. Florida Notary Online will mail this to you as soon as we receive it from the state.
  7. $10 check payable to Florida Department of State

Mail all those documents to:

USPS: Florida Department of State
Division of Corporations, ATTN: Notaries
PO Box 6327
Tallahassee, FL 32314

UPS or FEDEX: Division of Corporations
Notary Section
2415 N Monroe St, Suite 810
Tallahassee, FL 32303

When you mail the state all your documentation, please allow at least 4-6 weeks for processing.

To complete your Required Information form for a RON, here are some RON Service Providers to consider:

Virtual Notaries are required to have access to a computer, webcam, microphone, and secure connection to the internet. Your computer must be able to support two-way audio and visual communication to function with a compliant RON technology platform.

To register as a Remote Online Notary you all applicants must complete a 2-Hour Florida Remote Online Notary Certification Course (included in your Registration).

The documents to be notarized must be in an electronic form (such as a PDF on the RON’s computer). The RON and all Signers “meet” online using audiovisual technology (after COVID-19 almost everyone is familiar with the use of a webcam). Signers identify themselves electronically. Signers sign all documents using an electronic signature and the RON signs electronically and thereafter affix their electronic seal to the document(s). One of the beauties of online notarization is that the entire process is electronically recorded and archived.

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